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What I do


Need a writer who's the genuine article to pen an article? Need a word man to man a desk and write your words? Or do you just need copy?

I've done everything from big TV commercials to brochures about bathroom scales. So although there is a list down below, my services are by no means limited to these. Get in touch and let's see how I can help solve your problem.




When everyone in the company is inspired by the 'why', the motivation for the 'how' becomes easy. And nothing is more inspiring than a well-crafted, precise and meaningful mission statement that issues a call-to-arms for your business. 

I can help you hone in on the soul of your goal, what you're trying to achieve and in what way. And with the finished manifesto in hand, it can act as a framework for everything the business does, and for every member of staff, old and new.

Not only that, but I'll provide a copywriting guideline document for any future writers, so they know how to write in your brand voice.

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Brochure, web & CONTENT COPYwriting 


Brochure Copywriting

Call me crazy, but I love writing brochures. Even more than I love writing TV commercials. There's something about the depth, the details and the challenge. There's a great opportunity to grab a reader and never let them go. To be punchy, on point and precise. 

Website Copywriting

Web copy has to be short, snappy and engaging. There can be no loose fat around a focused message. A website should give the customer your true brand experience: You're welcoming them into your home. 

Content Copywriting 

I've managed the social accounts for Visa, Mercedes-Benz and MetLife. I've written advertorials for smaller clients that have appeared in Foodie and TimeOut. I've even had a regular column about wristwatches in an accountancy magazine. Whatever you need, I'm your man.

Copywriting should jump off the page. It should be explosive.

Better business starts with creative ideas.

creative & Marketing consultancy

I value my experience taking a small business in a competitive market in Hong Kong and making it the market leader. As a Brand & Marketing Manager, I  re-branded and re-launched the company, setting up SEO, AdWords, digital campaigns, PR, events and beyond. 

If you're launching a new company, a product, or you simply want more customers, I want to hear your story. I'll asses your current branding, marketing and advertising and come up with a plan to boost your business. 

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If you're looking for a copywriter of a different style, I would argue that I can achieve whatever it is you're looking for! I've worked across every industry imaginable: from investment firms to farms. But if you insist on choosing somebody else, I want to make sure you're going with someone reliable. For that reason, I recommend freelance copywriter Kim Hobson for general copywriting. A second option, very experienced: Paul Rigby. For finance-based specialisation and governmental experience, Larry @ Wordsmith. For translations and everything else, Wordcraft. You couldn't go wrong with any of these writers for copy.