Clients I've Worked With

I've worked with brands such as Midea, Hot Wheels, Barbie, Mercedes-Benz, Visa, FedEx, Hugo Boss, Disney and many more.

results are my rewards

Awards are nice, I won't lie to you. I've been lucky enough to pick up international and local metal, including The One Show and Kam Fan

But for me, the job is really about the rewards. And they come when you help sell products, grow businesses and create jobs.

When I went in-house as a Brand & Marketing Manager, I grew a start-up company into a market leader.

As a freelance copywriter in Hong Kong, I'd like to think that makes me a little different. Because I've worked client side, I've been the client! So I know that creativity and copy have to solve business objectives. They have to help the bottom line. 

Words can't just be pretty. They have to work. 

You're looking at a copywriter who understands that.



what i can do for you

"Do I need a freelance copywriter? I can just write it myself and save money."

I would say not hiring a copywriter costs money. Because without a focused message, without the technical know-how and creative flair of a writer who has honed their craft, you're losing sales every day. 

Because a copywriter worth their salt knows how to...

◘ Take your business into exciting new waters, where you can engage and capture your target audience and bring them back to shore, ready to buy. 

◘ Persuade people without them feeling like they're even being sold to. Talk to them like a friend, a guy at the bar, a wise old uncle. Someone they would listen to.

◘ Grow your company across every channel you have, knowing every raindrop-sized nuance needed while crafting under the umbrella of your big brand idea.

And these are things I love to do, and would love to do for you.

shall we begin?