3 Amazing Ads that Show How Thailand are Killing it

Imagine a world where ads are so rich and enjoyable people want to watch them over and over again and they carve out a special place in their memory for decades to come.

Wouldn’t every brand want to create advertisements like that?

Well, we don’t have to imagine that world – because it’s Thailand. And it's the reason Thai advertising is the envy of Asia.

Honestly, they’re putting the rest of us to shame. And I use the word shame because they’re doing advertising how we all know it should be done. And it’s simple really: you take a single benefit and push it to its logical extreme.

In the relationship between agency and client in Hong Kong and China, we have lost that understanding – if we ever had it.

The result for Thailand is world class advertising that I'm sure is reaping world-class results. 

Here are three recent ads that show how Thailand are absolutely killing it.


Tiny Doll

Pete (AKA Thasorn Boonyanate) is a former colleague of mine who struggled with restrictions at BBDO Shanghai, moved to JWT Thailand and on his first project, won Lions (whoops, BBDO).

This video is a beaut. From the storytelling to the Inarritu-esque camerawork.

Pete & Thailand, you are killing it.



A real crowd pleaser at Cannes, coming straight outta GreynJ United Bangkok – this plays out like a hit offbeat indie comedy.

It has charm, perfect pacing and brilliantly understated lead performances – all building up to a benefit that’s hammered home with comedic effect.

GreynJ and Thailand, you are killing it.



It’s easy to forget how arresting it is, as a viewer, to not understand what the hell is going on. It keeps us engaged until we can figure out what the deal is. This ad plays that masterfully.

Surprising, hilarious and socially relevant (for Thais anyway) – this video sure is a ride. 

Kudos to McCann worldgroup for the brilliant copywriting and simple, pared back execution.

McCann Thailand, you are killing it.



The Thai Golden Age of advertising shows no signs of stopping. And long may it continue.